International Digital Hustler

Ray B.

i am a nerd.
i am a musician.
i am a director.
i am a web designer.
i am a humanist.
i am a jackass.
i am a traveler.
i am a dreamer.
i am a businessman.

i live to create awesome sh*t.


Outside of a producers role of a reality tv production, I’ve had no ‘million dollar budget’ projects. But I have managed to create opportunities that have allowed me to produce and direct tv commercials, national ad campaigns, printed catalogs and other types of media content for clients on an international level, independent of agencies and industry.

Web Design

I started off as a web designer out of pure necessity. Unable to afford the hiring of a web development company, I decided early on to learn the craft. The more I learned, the more I enjoyed designing. Because it requires technical savvy and creative abilities, web design brings out the nerd and rockstar side of me. This very site is an example of my work.


Music has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. My father’s successful career as the drummer for a well-known band in the 70’s, led to me becoming a musician, producer, songwriter.


A few years ago, I was¬†fortunate enough to directly involved in a bootstrapped reforestation project in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. Some projects I don’t do for the money, but for the chance to make a difference and do my part in making our world a better place for future generations. This project was one of those.

2018 Ford GT Order Window Countdown

Out of 6,500 applicants, I was 1 of 500 selected for allocation of a 2017 Ford GT. Only 1,000 units will be manufactured from 2017 – 2019. My order window has been delayed until August 4, 2018, giving me more time to get my financing in order for this major purchase.